The possibility to operate a device with a solar cell depends strongly on the place of use.  Also meterological influences such as frequent cloud cover, fog, dust have an impact on the performance of an independent solar powered system.

Parametric Radar counters with integrated SBX solar chargers and batteries can be operated with a wide range of solar panels from 5V up to 20V.

This article describes how to determine if the system can be powered by Parametric's 9W or 17W solar panels at the given location.

Simulate system performance using PVGIS 

The Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS) can be used to simulate off-grid solar systems like PCR2-ODS using meteo data at a given location. The online tool can be used free of charge from the EU Science Hub Website.

Simulate PCR2-ODS operation  

Find out if a PCR2-ODS system could work at your location with the standard 9W or 17W panels (SKU: SOL9-KIT, SOL17-KIT) 

Step 1: Enter your location

Enter the place where you plan to install the PCR2-ODS system.

Step 2: Enter technical data

Enter the technical data of PCR2-ODS and 17W solar panel with 40° mounting bracket,

Technical Data of PCR2-ODS, SOL17-KIT

PVGIS Tool ParameterValueDescription
Installed peak PV power [Wp]17SOL17-KIT has a 17Wp panel included
Battery capacity [Wh]28SBX Battery is 28Wh
Discharge cutoff limit [%]40SBX Battery discharge cutoff is at 40%
Consumption per day [Wh] 6PCR2-ODS constant power consumption is 250mW
250mW x 24h = 6000mWh = 6Wh
Slope [°] 40This is the angle of the PV modules from the horizontal plane, for a fixed (non-tracking) mounting.
SOL17-KIT mounting bracket is angled 40°
Azimuth [°]0
The azimuth, or orientation, is the angle of the PV modules relative to the direction due South. -90° is East, 0° is South and 90° is West.

Step 3: Interpreting the results with 17W panel

Press 'Visualize results' Button. This will run the simulation.

Find the simulation outputs and check 'Percentage days with empty battery [%]'. This value should tend to zero (0)

If the value is zero, the system will almost certainly work at this location. *

* This simulation is based on a meteo data model (PVGIS-NSRDB solar radiation database). 

There can always be unpredictable weather situations where too little solar energy is stored and the system will switch off.

Parametric cannot be held responsible for any miscalculations or mis-purchases that may result from using this tool. 


Step 4: Try with a smaller or bigger panel

Change the 'Installed peak PV power [Wp]' to a lower or higher value (e.g. 9 for a Parametric SOL9-KIT) and simulate again.


  • If you don't have empty battery days with 9W, order a SOL9-KIT together with your PCR2-ODS

  • If you don't have empty battery days with 17W, order a SOL17-KIT together with your PCR2-ODS

  • If the 17W panel in the simulation does not work either, go for an even bigger panel you can get from a local solar supplier. Parametric does not provide bigger panels than 17W in the moment.

    Products knowing to work with PCR2-ODS:
    - Vicron Energy Blue Solar SPM040201200 20W-12V Mono
    - Vicron Energy Blue Solar SPM040301200 30W-12V Mono 
    - Vicron Energy Blue Solar SPM040401200 40W-12V Mono 
    - Vicron Energy Blue Solar SPM040551200 55W-12V Mono