Solar-powered devices, such as TCR-LSS, TCR-HSS or PCR2-ODS include a solar-charging unit (SBX) which is attached to the rear wall of the housing. This article helps solving some common issues with SBX enabled devices.


Device stops communication after 48h without connected solar panel

To prevent deep discharge the SBX firmware includes a Power Input Watchdog. If there is no power input for more than two days the device will reset and radar will be disabled waiting for battery gets charged again.

Note: This is a feature and not an issue.

Following diagram show the behaviour. Power input (yellow) drops to zero. After about 2 days we see the device switching off communication. 

Device does not start charging in the morning

There is an issue in the solar charger (SBX) firmware which in some cases can lead to the solar charging function not starting in the morning. This state lasts until the battery is completely empty or the solar charger is reinitialized by pressing the reset button (30s). This problem could be solved in SBX Firmware V4.0.0 and newer.