Find the right installation location

To achieve the most accurate measurement possible, installation is essential. This chapter therefore contains information on the correct choice of location for the TCR traffic counter.

Parallel to the traffic

TCR devices are radar sensors that need to be installed parallel to the movement direction of traffic. 

Installation height

The device can be installed directly on the side of the road or on a pole tilting down to the traffic.

Typical installation heights when placing TCR horizontal:

  • Place at saddle height when you primarily counting bicycles
  • Place at waist height when counting people
  • Place at door handle height when counting cars

Point device center In the middle of the far lane, when device has been mounted on a pole tilting down to the road.

Unobstructed view

Make sure the radar beam (80°) is not covered by an object as this would result in an asymmetrisch counting result.

Device Settings

You need to set at least the following parameters to get good results. Settings are changed by using a USB cable an a terminal emulator program. A description of all CLI commands can be found in the TCR Manual.

Distance to lanes

When TCR is mounted in parallel to a two-lane street with two-way traffic you need to tell the device the distance to the lanes.

It's a good Idea to measure the distance from the device's surface to the middle to e.g. the lane.


Set Lane Distance using the CLI

Use the following commands to set the distance to lanes. 

radar set rtldist 250
radar set ltrdist 750

Set Lane Distance using a Configuration Payload Downlink

Modify the configuration payload remotely by using a downlink payload.

  • RTLLaneDist= 250cm = 0x00fa
  • LTRLaneDist= 750cm = 0x02ee

You can find more information on how using downlink payloads in the TCR Payload Documentation.


Radar Sensitivity can be adjusted to eliminate noise coming from moving objects other than vehicules. 

A good strategy is to start with a sensitivity of 80 and increasing it if objects are not counted as expected. 

NOTE: Sensitivity can also be changed remotely by using configuration downlinks.