PCR2 people counters can be mounted overhead or sideways.

Find the right installation location

Prefer narrow passages

PCR2 are 1D sensors that detect and count objects on a virtual line (direction of movement). The radar sensor tracks a person from left-to-right or right-to-left by measuring the angular velocity and other parameters.
Due to the fact that radar waves cannot go through a person, measurement at narrow passages (1-2m) is optimal. Measuring at wide passages increases the chance of people walking side by side. This reduces the counting accuracy.

No moving objects in field of view

Avoid moving objects others than the people you want to count. Moving objects (revolving door, escalator, opening/closing door, flowing water) could lead to miscounting.

Side mounting

For sideways installation mount the unit at waist height (1.1m-1.2m), to get optimal results.

Do NOT mount the unit in wide entrances where people pass next to each other. The sensor cannot see "through humans" and counting accuracy would be bad.

Overhead mounting

For overhead installation place the sensor on top of the entrance, with the LEDs being in line wit the walking direction. 

The sensor can be mounted overhead at 0.5 - 4m above people's heads.

Make sure that the sensor is not mounted too high, because otherwise a part of the 80° radar beam in walking drection is blocked by the wall.

It is NOT possible for the sensor to measure if the measurement radar beam of 80° is across the entrance.

In order to prevent radar beam blocking, it's possible to mount the PCR2 in an angle of max. 20°, but the sensitivity to doors is increased in that case:

To measure the flow of people on a pavement with a PCR2-OD, mount the unit oberhead so that the sensor points down towards the centre of the walkway. It is also possible to mount the sensor sideways.